How Do I Become a Franchisee?

It’s easy! First, read through these steps below. Then, fill out the inquiry form here. After that, we will contact you as soon as we can.

Survey and Financial Application

We want to make sure Godfather’s Pizza’s franchising offerings meets or exceeds the investor’s portfolio requirements and that we’re a good fit. Once we receive and qualify the application, the Franchise Disclosure Document is distributed.

National Headquarters

The investor will travel to Omaha, Nebraska where he or she will be introduced to the entire Godfather’s Pizza concept. The day would include meeting the family of owners, executives, research and development and marketing in addition to dining at a nearby Godfather’s Pizza restaurant to look at décor and product.

Site Selection

A site submission form along with a deposit will be required in order to have approval on a requested location, market, and review of territorial boundaries.

Training and Certification

Once the site is approved, the investor must select an operator for one or more of the units to travel to the national headquarters facility for operational training. The person(s) will be in training for up to two weeks, depending on the type of unit(s). A training certification is required for each unit. Prior to opening our training staff will be on site to ensure an exceptional opening. In addition, our staff works with your team to train and open your location.

Site Coordination and Opening

Assistance is provided in all aspects of opening a new location: store design, equipment specifications, marketing assistance, operational assistance, food purchasing and any other new store opening assistance necessary. Our goal is to help the investor be successful by serving the best pizza in town.

Signing the Franchise Agreement

A franchise agreement will be distributed upon opening each location. The signed agreement is required to be mailed back to Godfather’s Pizza headquarters along with the initial fee and continuing fees within 5 days after the restaurant opening. As The Godfather would say, now just “Do It!”


What are the Restaurant Model Options?

We offer four model options to franchise. In new markets, a traditional restaurant would be required and may be supplemented by delivery/carryout units to reach full market potential. In larger markets, a traditional or a delivery/carryout unit may be allowed. We offer our express model option for venues with unique challenges and limited products and services. No matter which option fits the business model, each receive the same level of support which includes market analysis, financial analysis, site coordination, quality assurance and marketing support for new store openings (not a complete list of services). Certain Net Worth and Liquidity limits are required.

Traditional Restaurant


Model investment: Up to $25,000 Initial Fee
6% Continuing Fee
$449,700 to $814,000, which is broken down in Item 7 of our FDD
2,500 to 2,800 sq. ft.
59-70 seats
Population base: 15,000 +
Menu: Traditional menu available – Pizzas, sides, gourmet salads, and more
Services: All services available – Dine-in, carryout/pickup window and delivery


Model investment: Up to $25,000 Initial Fee
6% Continuing Fee
$449,700 to $814,000, which is broken down in Item 7 of our FDD
3,000 to 4,000 sq. ft.
Population base: 25,000 +
Menu: Traditional menu available – Pizzas, pressure fried chicken, salad bar, and more
Services: All services available – Buffet, dine-in, carryout and delivery

Delivery / Carryout

Model investment: Up to $15,000 Initial Fee
6% Continuing Fee
$258,700 to $539,500, which is broken down in Item 7 of our FDD
Population base: 10,000+
Menu: Traditional menu available – Pizza, sides, gourmet salads, and more
Services: Limited services available – Carryout, pick-up window and delivery

Express Model

Model investment: Up to $7,500 Initial Fee
6% Continuing Fee
$173,600 to $321,000, which is broken down in Item 7 of our FDD
125 sq. ft. for kitchen, 250 sq. ft. for dish area, refrigeration, and storage
Population base: 1,000+ (or off a major highway/interstate)
Menu: Express menu available – Pizzas, breakfast items, chicken, sandwiches, sides and more
Services: Limited services – Grab N Go and Carryout

Franchise Incentives

Military Veterans Program – Honorably discharged veterans will receive a discount off the initial and continuing fees for a specified period of time. Contact the Franchise Development team for more information.

Area Development Program – We offer development incentives to lock up territories or developing multiple locations with an Area Development Agreement.  Please contact the Franchise Development team to discuss.