Our Unique Opportunity

Godfather’s Pizza is truly a unique one-of-a-kind international franchise opportunity because…finally “America’s Best Pizza”, which we have been serving since 1973, is now available to You! Our product and offering is unrivaled as we have recently been ranked “USA’s Best” on Taste, Quality and Overall with our unique product recipe of abundant toppings with cheese on top as the last ingredient to seal in flavor and preserve product integrity.

Our great product combined with outstanding levels of franchisee operational support has yielded unrivaled recognition in the industry. Partner with us and our outstanding International Team and be part of growing our iconic brand worldwide.


Top Consumer Product Rankings:
The Best Tasting Pizza in America”: #1 (Crave Online Consumer Rankings 2016)
Top 12 Major Pizza Chains in America: #2
“The Best Food Quality Pizza in America”: #1 (Nations Restaurant News 2016)

Nation’s Restaurant News Consumer Chain Rankings 2016
Limited-Service Restaurants Best Pizza Chain: #1
“The Best Pizza Chain in America: #1”
Top 10 %” of ALL “Limited Service Restaurants”

 Strong USA Foundation to Build International On:
#2 “Dine In” USA Pizza Chain in Total # Units: 550 (Technomics 2015 data)
“Franchise Partner Focus & Mentality”: 97% Franchised
Strong HQ Infrastructure/Support: R&D, Procurement, Design, Marketing, Ops, Training…
New Impactful Store Design/Décor: “Inspired by Prohibition-era Speakeasies & Warehouses”


There are many unique variables that contribute to the complexity of franchising a brand globally including geography, language, cultural norms, economic conditions, food preferences, brand identities and much more. At Godfather’s Pizza International, we understand that a single “cookie cutter” solution should not be universally applied. Our franchising program is backed up by a world class brand with world-class support services to address all of the complex issues to be encountered.


  • Establishes supply chain for new markets and facilitates distribution agreements
  • Ensures compliance of suppliers and distributors within the network
  • Assists with distribution network relationships regarding products, packaging, costs and distribution
  • Secures regional sources and facilitate distribution of product
  • Maintain supply chain integrity


  • Adapt existing product recipes to local market tastes and ingredients
  • Create custom product recipes specific to local market tastes and ingredients
  • Ongoing monitoring of product and ingredient quality


  • Provides training to partners on site characteristics
  • Work with franchise partner to establish development roadmap
  • Review and approve site evaluations
  • Monitors site development inventories


  • Assist in identifying and selecting local architects and general contractors
  • Develops concept packages and assists local architects with construction plans and conducts document reviews
  • Orients local general contractors on brand standards, acting as a consultant throughout the construction process
  • Assists in assembly and tracking of orders and monitors vendor relationships for Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
  • Provides training to franchise partners on image standards and expectations


  • Enables access to comprehensive online training and development tools
  • Manages opening training support with certified trainers
  • Certifies international training locations
  • Conducts advanced training and professional development classes


  • Manages operations support for new market launches
  • Evaluates franchise operations and assists franchise partners in the development of action plans
  • Liaison for Research & Development on product development/testing and quality control/inspections
  • Requests additional services from other departments when needed by franchise partner
  • Leads management development initiatives to assist franchise partners
  • Monitors franchise partner growth and their progression with development plans


  • Creates pattern marketing, advertising and promotional programs/materials adaptable to the local market
  • Provides access to a comprehensive, high-resolution product image library
  • Assists in core menu development and pricing strategies
  • Assembles Local Store Marketing (LSM) toolkits
  • Provides sales trend analysis and guidance

It’s an offer you can’t refuse.®