Our Franchise Program 

Our approach is a traditional multi-unit franchise where all locations will be opened and operated by one franchisee. Features include:

  • Offers exclusive territory rights for an agreed-upon number of years for development
  • Specifies the number of locations to be opened during the term of the agreement
  • A Franchise Agreement is signed for every new location opened

For every territory we franchise, we utilize a Development Agreement to cover the number and timing for the opening of the units and an International Multi-Unit Franchise Agreement (IMUFA) that covers the conditions under which the units will be operated. The term length for these agreements will vary, depending upon the number of locations to be opened as well as other factors.


Partner Selection Criteria

Establishing a targeted partner selection criteria ensures a strong global franchise system that benefits all. Ideal attributes include:

  • Strategic long-term “Brand Builders”
  • Currently (or recently) have existing multi-unit Global QSR brand franchise
  • Have a global “multi-cultural mindset”
  • True “Partner” mentality
  • Believe in Relationships
  • Have Integrity
  • Have Financial Capabilities for significant multi-unit growth plan


Partner Fees and Financial Requirements


  • Exclusive Territory Fee – Amount is determined by evaluating each market opportunity independently
    10% of the fee is paid upon signing of the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU)
    The balance of the fee is paid upon signing of the Development Agreement
  • Franchise Fee – Paid upon the opening of each franchised location and varies based on local market conditions
  • Royalties – Six percent (6.0%) of monthly revenues
  • Advertising & Marketing Fund – One and one-half percent (1.5%) of monthly revenues


Financial requirements will vary with the scope of the development especially given the variation in the number of units and country-specific costs including the investment level for each unit.

Your financial resources will need to be adequate to meet your franchise’s financial needs through at least the first three years of operation.

In addition to the funding required for the development of retail locations, you will also incur expenses necessary to build an infrastructure to oversee and support your store operations.