We are looking for leaders to join in our success for the next 40 years and beyond.


Be a Part  of the Success 

Pizza has seen a lot of changes since its invention. Competitors have come and gone. But Godfather’s Pizza has stood the test of time. Our fast-casual concept has expanded to more than 40 states in operations ranging from traditional dine-in restaurants to express outlets such as airports, convenience stores and college campuses.

Put Your Experience to Good Use

The requirements to begin your own operation is $200,000 minimum net worth (excluding personal residence and personal property and including, but not limited to, vehicles, furniture and jewelry) of which $100,000 should be liquid assets (excluding any retirement account including 401Ks, IRAs and pensions).  You need a minimum of one year operations/management experience in the restaurant business;  or you can hire someone with that experience to be your operator.

Assemble Your Crew

You must also follow equipment and décor specifications, attend a ten day certified training class for Traditional and Delco models or a five day certified training class for Express models, have proof of insurance, hire a manager on staff with minimum one year restaurant experience, and be a team player.